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Woolf PAC

Mission Statement

Our Mission:

We are a national collective of women committed to pledging $25/month each in support of progressive non-profit organizations--large and small--at risk in our current hostile political environment.

Our Story:

On November 9, 2016, many of the 3000+ members of the Facebook Group What Would Virginia Woolf Do?, founded by Nina Lorez Collins, gathered online in shock and despair in the wake of the results of the presidential election.

Outrage and a desire to act soon followed, and Jenny Douglas posted an idea: what would it be like, as a collective, to regularly direct funds to non-profits under siege?

A planning committee came together to craft a mission, create a giving strategy, secure a web platform, and decide on a name for ourselves. Woolf PAC was born.

Membership is now open to any woman across the country with $25 a month to spare, and the urgent desire to build a formidable bloc dedicated to protecting our at-risk American ideals.

Join us in making a difference. And know that every penny of your financial contribution will go the to grant recipients we vote on.

(Please note: though our commitment is fierce, Woolf PAC is *not* a registered Political Action Coalition, nor do we formally function as one.)



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