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January 21st Men’s Giving Circle

Mission Statement

On January 21st, 2017, millions of patriotic Americans spontaneously coalesced in rejection of the values of the 45th President.

The January 21st Men’s Giving Circle is a collective of men acting in resistance to the Trump presidency by pledging $25 a month to support the work of non-profits who are engaged in protecting the lives, rights and living conditions of people and groups in America who are under siege.

As loving sons, brothers, fathers, friends, colleagues, neighbors, husbands, lovers and witnesses of those who are the targets of the illiberal values embodied by the 45th Administration, we recognize that we have a special responsibility to step forward and be visible, and in light of this we've created this space for men to honor the spirit of resistance by coming to the aid of those most at risk.

Our mission is to provide financial support for groups that are targeted by the Administration's actions: women and girls, people of color, immigrants, refugees, LGBTQ people, the economically vulnerable, the sick and the disabled. In doing so, we seek to increase our own awareness and engagement in the support of people under attack.

Membership is open to men of all ages, races, religions, and sexualities who want to resist Trump by supporting those under siege . For more details, please see our facebook group, January 21st Men’s Giving Circle.



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