We’ve taken all we know about philanthropy and compiled it below. First you’ll find our Philanthropy Curriculum: three brief, but informative, lessons on why you should part with your hard-earned money, how you can become a more thoughtful giver, and what to do to make sure the organizations you’re considering are worthy of your donation. Under Handy Tools, you’ll find comprehensive guides to walk you through special giving circle scenarios. Rounding out our shared knowledge are Recommended Resources: our favorite books, articles and blogs that will turn your philanthropy knowledge up to an 11.

Why Give

You can make a difference, and we’re going to prove it to you. Regardless of your income, age or experience, it’s possible for you to change the world!

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Find Your Passion

Each person has different values, interests and priorities.  Figure out how your unique views shape the issues you are passionate about, and how money can impact them!

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Evaluate The Organizations

990s, mission statements, and statistics, oh my! Use this step by step guide to sort through nonprofit’s information to ensure your dollars are going to worthy organizations.

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Handy Tools

Giving Circle Facilitation Guide

Congratulations on creating a giving circle! This guide is designed to help you and your circle brainstorm and execute a strategic plan to make the most of your giving. 

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Jewish Facilitation Guide

Overwhelmed by trying to facilitate a Jewish giving circle? We understand that faith-based giving circles will look a little different from a regular giving circle. We’ve incorporated teachings from Judaism into our Facilitation Guide to help you make the most of your Jewish giving circle.

Download the Jewish Facilitation Guide.